cheese in the trap

Cheese in the trap

This is really an interesting and best romantic youth drama, release in the year 2016, scored top ratings among the best korean dramas to watch. This drama starring  Park Hae-jin, Kim Go-eun, and Seo Kang-joon as the lead roles. It dealt with a new plotline, a remake of korean manga animie cheese in the trap. 

The plot deals with a mysterious romantic relationship between a junior and a senior.

Park haejin acted so well ,absolutely fitted as yoo jung who is a senior to hong seol potrayed by kim goeun .


Kdrama Addict

Best korean dramas to watch!

As of now i have watched so many korean dramas.I pick dramas based on cast ,storyline and cinematography. I really hate old korean dramas like fullhouse ,coffee prince ,rooftop prince as these dramas are so old it looks like a serial than a commericial korean drama like descandents of the sun.

Though i had watched so many korean dramas i skipped some scenes ,episodes ,gaveup the entire drama in the middle itself.

If i want to watch korean drama i would like be very picky prickly to routine extended storylines, boring cast ,dull screenplay and old cinematography.

Some of the dramas are worth time wasting or spending  to watch.Its not so easy to spend our whole time for korean dramas unless they have amazing star cast along with best story lines like Boys over flowers and heirs.

So lets start my review of these dramas in the order i watched.

  1. Descendents of the sun

    descendants of the sun

Until this drama i really ridicule  the idea of watching serials. I realized korean drama is a kind of serial,but i was crossed beyond my fascination. I was stalking onew of Shinee for his weird cuteness,during my search of kpop singers in movies or dramas.Until that day i never knew What drama means! and often took as serial. But i really liked onew stills in this movie(my ego hurts if i had though this as serial or drama).I kind of like solder or army based stories.And then started my curiosity to watch this drama bit by bit random scenes. Oh my goodness! i am instantly  fascinated of the lead actor ,handsome cute sexy all blended in his beauty ! that was song joonki.Then i got connected with the theme of the drama ,amazing thrilling story line,amusing scenes and great chemistry amoung the lead actors so concluding this as it is the perfect drama cast .

      2.My lovely girl

After seeing singer and actor bi rain in happy camp show ,i mesmerized by his sexy hunkiness and handsome beauty . I stalked his movies and dramas and out of them i picked My lovely girl because it also starred infinite L ,so got to see both pretty boys at one go. Hmm i quite connected with the romance in the drama and average mediocre story line but we can watch this drama just because of the lead actors. Overall this drama deserves best compliment for romantically haunting music and bgm score.

3.Boys over flowers


An old stereotypical drama,but watchable onetime.You love it if you are a fan of lee minho.I really cant watch for second time for its legacy story line.



This is another rich guy poor girl fallen in love drama with quite interesting characters.I watched it for 2 times This drama is a good start for beginners.


Listed as one of the best dramas, i liked the chemistry between the lead actors park shinhye and lee jongsuk .Its a kind of  crime thriller story  line about media journalism of back-stabbing,malicious scheming that ruins normal public lives.Lee jongsuk  as ki ya myung disguised himself as  choi dalpo hiding his revenge on journalism,becomes promising honest reporter sharing similar dreams with his niece choi inha played by park shinhye .Each episode has an interesting thrilling scenes ,fair screenplay(not bad not great).But towards the end especially the last episode is quite drenching i would say. overall one would like to watch twice only because of lead actors laudable  love chemistry.Great music and great bgm amazing photography,cinematography makes you land in a different world of corporate reporters and set in a snowy winter.This drama has alluring good looking pretty kissing scenes ,took in a snowy winter,perfectly nice winter outfits made the look of the actors even more alluring.

I would say korean dramas has a great taste in selecting costumes.

6.You are beautiful


Seriously i hate old dramas as time passes they look bored .This drama was released in 2009 was pretty old to me.But i came to this drama for only park shinhye and jung geunsuk and  pretty known interesting kpop idols cnblue jung yongwa and ftisland lee hongki. But i am contended with the story line otherwise i would coolly skip this drama.

I was very curious of junggeunsuk acting and his interesting handsomely annoying instintivily cheekiness in his looks  made him most beautiful korean actor.Park shinhye acting was so accurate for her role completely innocent look different from the rest of her dramas,made the drama watchable.

7.My love from another star

Seriously its an alien story ,sexy alien.I was so glad,excited to watch this drama, which listed in top 3 all time classic korean dramas .Initially i was unaware of these actor faces as i started my south korean entertainment hobby from kpop to various variety shows of only known kpop idols and then very lately jumped in korean dramas.  I really liked handsomeness ,cuteness of kim soohyun .He has adoringly beautiful looks,with great acting ,cute lovely eyes,that can express innocence, sadness very well. He can handle both modern as well as historical outfits with ease. I really have no expectations on actress jun jihyun ,but after watching a single scene in 1st episode ,she was the only reason that made the drama interestingly hilarious .She is perfect for the character ,the entire drama is funny ,sad ,thrilling. I really liked all scenes of their chemistry.

8.Moon that embraces the sun:

After watching kim soohyun,i was very excited and searched and chased his next best dramas, and i found this historical(saengyuk,joseon dynasty ),set in joseon dynasty. An ensemble cast of beautiful, handsome cast members made dram even more watchable. Interestingly every episode screenplay is perfect and thrilling roles played by the actors ,also has an amazing story line .You really like both child and adult roles in the drama.This is the best historical political love drama i could say.

9.Flower boy ramyun shop:

A tasty ,entertaining romantic comedy drama , starring jungillwoo as lazy rich cha chi soo  fame of moon embraces the sun,lee chung ah as ya eunbi. I really liked this drama. No fighting, no brooding rivarly in the families, a plain simple romantic theme ,makes your belly full and happy.I would say lee chung ah did a great job in her role.

10.secret garden

This is also one of the best top 3 korean classic dramas , a fun ,amazing ,brilliant storyline,alluring for romantic comedy lovers.  Made a parody on this drama by bigbang kpop band , is also proves the popularity of this drama. Hyun bin ,a classic veteran korean actor and brilliant actress ha ji won , one would stick to her performance after this drama.This drama has an ensemble cast of notable actors like lee jonsuk as han tae sun,yoon sunghyun as oska . I liked chemistry between lee jongsuk and yoon sunghyun ,really mysterious heart touching one sided gay love more than to his female costar played by kim sarang as yeun sul .A brilliant cinematography artwork, rich elegant drama sets, handsome rich costumes wore by hyunbin,made him stylish icon .Its a beautiful memorable drama,with excellent background music and soundtracks.As Top Best drama to watch ,one would be very contended after watching this.Takes you in a different dream land.

11. Healer

A kind of detective family crime thriller drama. casts ji changwook,park minyoung who acted in sungyukwang scandal ,an amazing romantic chemistry. I really liked ji changwook performance,appeal in this drama,he is gorgeously handsome,action thriller roles suits him perfectly well. Also has good catchy romantic soundtrack, helps us stick to the drama until end.Has  Great camerawork,good set locations,excellent direction.

12. Empress ki


Again an amazingly large cast of actors, this drama is set in goryeo and yuan dynasty ,starring hajiwon as empress ki from goryeo who exerts her influence in the Yuan Dynasty to become empress of yuan representing korea.Her love life with goryeo king and marital partnership with yuan prince and later emperor Ta Hwan /  Huizong of Yuan.This is an interesting reality based historical drama.Initially i thought it has quite a long 50 episodes but every episode is worth excitingly thrilling to watch .Seriously i watched it twice.Its completely hajiwon’s style of brilliant acting , ji changwook did a great job.He looked so gorgeous in historical yuan costumes. All characters did a great job ,are notable.Has great background music,depicts a tragic but fair conclusion .

13.Sungyunkwan scandal:

This drama is set in joseon dynasty ,revolves around scholars in sungkyunwan university. Starring an ensemble cast, song joonki,park yoochun,park minyoung,yoo ah in.It has an interesting storyline a gender bender romantic comedy drama.Its really worth to watch.Good performances by all actors, amazing chemistry between all the leads.

14.Kill me ,heal me

I really like psychological thrillers especially those based on multiple personality disorder. Its a challenging storyline.Actors who cast in such dramas need to be challenging. and ji sung did well .he is really a brilliant actor. i am watching because of him. he is stylish neat sexy cute chirpy funny he is a versatile actor.worth drama ,you are going to like every character. i really like all characters exceptionally shin segi, perry park,ahn yoona.Though the story line is moderate,extending,we can watch it for shinsegi aka ji sung .


15.she was pretty

Its a story about a women at 30 turned out boring dull in a beauty conscious world ,had her childhood friend who used to be fat ugly but turned out to be handsome rich yoiung man whom she has to face,and fallen in love,but felt low confidence to face him.Its a timepass story line ,funny romantic comedy.This drama stars park soo joon,hwang jung eum ,sj siwon.

16.scholar who walks in the night

17.joseon gunman

This is the best political,factional,saguek or historical drama.It deals with revenge plot.It stars my favorite actor lee joon gi.Its completely a one man show,but all characters have equal preference.

18.scarlet heart ryeo

This is so connecting,especially the storyline,and interesting political bonds amoug the princess and their families. The chemistry between 4th prince wang so and hyesoo is an eyecandy .It consists an ensemble cast of actors like lee joongi, IU, kang ha nuel,exo byun baekyun , girls generation seohyun are notable actors, but after watching this drama ,all characters of princes and princesses and their family members are remember-able,played by some amazing cast,we cant take eyes off the drama. Especially the latest developments in the drama are clinching. I could guarantee this  drama as worth watching.While writing this i am in a state of  waiting desperately for the next episodes hoping for quick completion.

19.come back ajusshi

Its ok to watch this drama as its quite funny.

20.moon light that drawn by the clouds

I am drawn by park bo gum playing prince . He is the next most handsome goryeon saguek prince.

21.Innocent Man:

I have never though of watching this drama initially because i cant resist song joonki playing a passive character after watching him charming attire in descendents of sun and sungukwan scandal .But after reading the plot line i quite tried with first episode, and finally i found its the only few dramas that are fast paced with good story lines with amazing performances by lead pairs. I really liked song joonki’s  as Kang maroo,passive pessimistic portrayal of his character as behind being an innocent man in the drama.Female lead characters and supporting characters has great scope in their performances.

Be yourself?How far we need to go to realize this?

Even i took immense pressure during my early college days.Though many wont agree with just studying degree and pg is stressful compared to engineering.But my thinking and attitude was like of an iitian used to feel extreme pressure taking compitetive exams ,marks, felt in a notion that wipro infosys,ibm taking interviews to only 70 marks .

I was so stubborn to realize that “Its not that i dont have courage but its that i dont want to be courageous” .

Do i need success to become confident?

Do i need to have something in me that people around recognizes me “to be confident”?

Do i need to be beautiful intelligent smart to be confident?

Do i need to take my family’s,Society  consent to be confident?’

I prayed god ,talked to GOD for my wishes .I used to  see my self in the mirror every day to ensure myself that i am flawless .

But God never replied me what i need to ask for ,my mirror never enlightened me what i really need to look for in myself rather than just  my face.

I am now not beautiful,but i feel my inner soul iam proudly satisfied with my unbeauty appearance. I don’t need to worry how perfect iam anymore.Because iam confident with my beautiful thoughts ,as before.bCoz i dont need to be beautiful to deserve these thoughts.My soul needs to be beautiful ,warm,peaceful until i die.